About Us

Cattle on the marsh at Tournebury Farm, Hayling IslandAll the beef animals are born either on coastal plain farms or within the local area. They are reared on their mothers milk and grass for the first six months and, after weaning, their diet is predominantly flower and herbal rich salt tinted grass which contributes greatly to the taste and quality of the meat.

Cattle are reared naturally on marshes and pasture where they are allowed to mature slowly, enjoy two summers at grass and are kept until around two to two and a half years old – long by modern standards.

The cattle travel in pairs to East Hampshire and West Sussex so little transportation and minimal stress is involved. This benefits the welfare of the animals, keeps food miles to a minimum, helps support local businesses and the local economy and minimises greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

As well as taking two years to produce, the meat is hung traditionally for 3-4 weeks, to enhance its tenderness and flavour. There can be few products which take so long to prepare, yet offer such value for money.

Where you can find Three Harbours Beef

  • Direct from our farmer Colin Hedley, to pick up, subject to availability, fresh and frozen – please email us on threeharboursbeef@yahoo.co.uk for stock details and dates.

Mr G. Phillips - Tournebury Farm